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Listening In: Dialogues with the Wiser Self

Ellen Meredith's foundational channeled book, introducing ways to listen in to the rhythms of life, mind, and spirit. The book offers frameworks for understanding ourselves, our relationships, and our relations with the cosmos. These inner teachers discuss everyday concerns in a way that is grounded yet enlightening. A standout in its field. A valuable sourcebook for those who want to plumb the significance of work and relationships, and for anyone who seeks a wider, deeper understanding of their existence.


In Search of Radiance : Learning to Stand with your Wiser Self

A two-CD audiobook. This illuminating channeled class helps you tune into and work with your Inner Guidance. Eight 90-minute mp3 files provide insights, tools, and inspiration to support you as you navigate the 2012 transition to greater wisdom. Plays on computers; files can be transferred to iPod and other digital players.


Intuition and Practitioner's Mind

Intuition and Practitioner's Mind explores ways of understanding and developing intuition and balancing it with our "practitioner's mind": thinking in service of a client's well-being. Presenting creative methods that speak to all the senses, this 3-hour class offers frameworks, tools, and demonstrations of how to develop clear intuition and use it in wise ways. It explores the artistry and magic of Eden Energy Medicine!

Healing Spaces: Energy Medicine for deep healing from the inside out

Healing Spaces are rich places, accessed within the body, where energies intersect and where we can initiate deep and effective healing. Using simple, intuitive tools that allow us to engage with the body-mind-spirit on their own terms, this weekend advanced class teaches how to work with diverse healing spaces, for amazing, profound, and multi-dimensional healing! 5-DVD set with handouts.

Energy Wisdom: Thinking Outside the Box — Energy Medicine as a Wisdom Practice

Energy Wisdom offers exciting new ways to ground and expand energy medicine practice, in alignment with deeper purpose. Providing insights to help both practitioners and self-healers think outside the box, this 2-day advanced workshop integrates the wisdom of the ages with practical, easily mastered EM tools to support healing within our multi-dimensional reality! 5-DVD set with handouts.

Energy Fluency : EM for Practitioners and Self-healers

Magical 2-day class exploring energy as the language the body uses to communicate with itself. Addresses how to create a focus for what is needed in an EM session and how to work across energy systems to support healing. Introduces "lifestyle medicine", and multiple new techniques for clinical work and self-healing. 5-DVD set with handouts.

Energy Chiro : Energy Medicine for Structural Wellness

A transformative two-day EM class on working with the energetic spine, the musculo-skeletal system, physical and energetic alignment, and the deep energy structures of the body. It bridges the cosmic and practical! Includes the 13 Sonar Rings, an energy system that governs balance, navigation, and communication with the world around us. 5-DVD set with Energy Fluency: EM for handouts.

Gatekeeper : Energy Medicine for the Immune System and Energetic Reactivity

The Gatekeeper is your physical, emotional, energetic, and spiritual immune system. This eye-opening two-day class explores how to work with the body's polarities and electromagnetic energies to clear reactivity. Introduces a number of exciting new tools to re-set the Gatekeeper, including Halos and Polarity Plates, a protocol for addressing "cosmic whacks", and ways to clear templates from the Gatekeeper's auto-pilot. 4-DVD set with handouts.

Storyline Track and Balance : Clearing Energy Habits Where They Live

Storyline Track & Balance teaches how to travel to where energy imbalance lives in order to clear persistent energy patterns. This spell-binding advanced EM class offers a three-tiered protocol for working with habits and stuck energy patterns. It provides several exciting new energy medicine tools to quickly and efficiently release stuck, chronic patterns. 4-DVD set with handouts.